Tuesday, February 9, 2010



Your cock fucking my mouth...by the dumpster...and it's so big and i try to take it all down my throat to please You and then i am choking and gagging and terrified i am not going to be able to take it and You are slapping my face so hard i have tears in my eyes and i am still not pleasing You and You are hissing "taste yourself on it" and my knees are raw and i just peed down my legs and onto my 8 million dollar shoes and i am humiliated and horrified and ecstatic and so turned on i feel i may implode or explode if You don't cum down my throat but i don't want You to yet because i don’t want it to end. Ever. Don’t take that cock out of my mouth where it feels so perfect and delicious and fits, as big as it is it fits, and i crave it, crave it as far down as You can fuck. And then more. And then You are done and lifting me off my scraped up knees and into Your arms, those strong arms i could curl up into and just stay there forever or at least as long as You would keep me, and i feel so precious and safe and beautiful, i feel gorgeous despite the pee and tears and stained dress and bruises and dirt and cockroaches in my hair and then i am kissing Your neck and moaning and You slam my back against that filthy horrible dumpster and i need You all over again. It never ends, this need. Nor do i want it to.

And yes, all of this is running through my mind and heart and cunt and i have to fuck myself hard, hard, until I cum all over my hand, blood and juice and my tears pour, pour down my cheeks and i can not even whimper Your name.

No. i am screaming it.

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