Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Your hand fist deep in my cunt in a parking lot, I am bent over the seat of Your bike, You are pumping into me hard, rapid fire thrusts shooting pain like vast magnificent longing through my limbs, I swear to god You are in up to my throat, steel erection barreling into my flesh, I am devoured, devoured and pouring myself into You, soaked in Your need and splashing onto Your hands and the motor of Your bike and this racing earth and there is a tremor deep inside my cunt and I am released and flowing, liquid passion, a flying outward, a wave tearing me open at my core and moving me toward You; I am willing my body, yes, to move toward You. Powerless surrender, utter loss of control – that is what I feel when You fuck me like this, my body no longer mine, Yours and open and I am dazzling fireworks on display.

This, this is the first time I have released for You, surrounded in the parking lot at Loca Luna by passersby and noise and lights and my liquid display. You step back and gasp and I am drawn toward that intake of breath and brought back down to earth. Racing. I would soak that bike a thousand times if You would only leave me there, ass in the air, Your cock in Your hand, Your other hand forcing the juice from some deep unreachable core place inside me I have been unaware until now was clamoring to get at me, at me and outside of me.

“I cherish your release,” You tell me.

And then, later, Your cock fucking my mouth by the dumpster, and it's so big and I try to take it all down my throat to please You and then I am choking and gagging and terrified I am not going to be able to take it and You are slapping my face so hard I have tears in my eyes and I am still not pleasing You and You are hissing "taste yourself on it" and my knees are raw and I just peed down my legs and onto my 8 million dollar shoes and I am humiliated and horrified and ecstatic and so turned on I feel I may implode or explode if You don't cum down my throat but I don't want You to yet because I don’t want it to end. Ever. Don’t take that cock out of my mouth where it feels so perfect and delicious and fits, as big as it is it fits, and I crave it, crave it as far down as You can fuck. And then more. And then You are done and lifting me off my scraped up knees and into Your arms, those strong arms I could curl up into and just stay there forever or at least as long as You would keep me, and I feel so precious and safe and beautiful, I feel gorgeous despite the pee and tears and stained dress and bruises and dirt and cockroaches in my hair and then I am kissing Your neck and moaning and You slam my back against that filthy horrible dumpster and I need You all over again. It never ends, this need. Nor do I want it to. And again, You are in me, Your hand and face and desire asking me for something I am not clear yet how to give You. You are tearing me apart, a ferocity of hands and pouring and Your arm drenched by a need that has carried me this far, carried me to the limit and now beyond, and I am sobbing and I hurt and I give it to you anyway, it spills out of me as if it has been there all along, a desperate tension on the verge and You only had to ask, demand that I make it Yours which is all I have ever wanted all along and how can I find the words, how can I find the answer within my own body if I do not even have the language or the knowledge, if I do not have Your hands and Your eyes and Your need?

And yes, all of this is running through my mind and heart and cunt along with blood and juice and my tears pour, pour down my cheeks and I can not even whimper Your name.

No. I am screaming it.

You tell me you want to see if I can release for you without being on display, without a public scene, just because YOU want it. For you.
I am for you.
I have waited a lifetime for what you make me feel. I have held desire in my body, cradled and screaming and restrained, for decades. My need, my need confined and undelivered.
“Don’t fight me,” You say when I am tightened up, locked down, shut off from my own desire. Your eyes never leave my face. Your hand is in me so deep I am split open, coming apart. You hold me to this earth. You open me, open me, and I want nothing more than to give of myself and show you this, this sudden unlimited surging inside me. And I release, every time, for you, yes, and for me.

I release.